It’s a Rainforest-Themed Roundup in this week’s Resource Roundup

June 19th 2022| Josh Cookson

Hi everyone, after a two-week break, the Resource Roundup is back! The team have been busy crafting some incredible resources for you again. We’ve also got an exciting new partnership too for an upcoming event (but we’ll get to that further down). In this week’s Resource Roundup, we have:

  • Read on to find out about our new and exciting partnership!
  • Have you checked out our KS2 Geography resources yet? Have team have been meticulously working on them. We’ve got a couple to show you below!
  • Only available at TPet – Make sure you take a look at C.R.E.A.T.E. Science! We’ve got BRAND NEW Year 3 resources available based on rocks FEATURING REAL-LIFE PALEONTOLOGIST, JACK HORNER
  • As we get to the end of the year of the school year and prepare for September, we’ve got plenty of transition resources available!
  • We’ve got a teaser for an upcoming resource
  • There are still copies of The Seedlings comic book remaining! Why not purchase one for you and your classroom while stocks last?

So without further adieu, let’s get right into it with…

Teacher’s Pet are proud to be in the Rainforest Partnership this #WorldRainforestDay

We are extremely proud to be in the Rainforest Partnership this #WorldRainforestDay! We strongly believe in the global movement to protect and restore rainforests and we are passionate about carrying the message into education via our resources for teaching.

We’ve created some brand new resources to help support the day – including a FREE graphic novel which can be shared with your class before discussing rainforests and their importance in the world. Hit the button below to check out all of our Rainforest resources!

And if you’re interested in attending the summit, you can visit the World Rainforest Day Facebook page for more information.

‘The Time is Now’ – FREE Comic Strip for World Rainforest Day

Our team have been working incredibly hard on this emotional and hard-hitting comic book titled ‘The Time is Now’ – perfect for reading on World Rainforest Day. It’s a completely free and downloadable comic strip which helps to portray the significance of the devastation that deforestation can bring and why we must do everything that we can to protect the marvellous wonders of the earth.

Come and give it a read today!

Animal Reports + Activities

You can definitely tell that Emily had fun making these Animal Reports for you to use in the classroom next week for World Rainforest Day! The reports give a brief overview of the animal and some exciting facts too!

And World Rainforest Day leads us nicely into our special edition of Primary News Today!

Now available to read or download, this special edition of Primary News Today is perfect for reading on World Rainforest Day on 22nd June. As PNT is the positive children’s newspaper, we made sure there was a healthy sprinkling of good news in there too. Come and give it a read!

Have you checked out our KS2 Geography resources yet?

The team have been working incredibly hard recently on some brilliant Geography resources for Key Stage 2. The most recent of these being our Europe, UK, Rivers and The Water Cycle. As you can see from the schedule above, our resources on World Geography will be coming soon. But for now, let’s take a look at the others!

We’ve got some wonderful map-based activities for both the UK and Europe. We wanted to ensure that they were suitable for use in the classroom, so the team had very carefully studied these maps and made sure to follow them as accurately as possible when designing them. Our UK maps contain maps of the devolved nations (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), as well as a cities of the United Kingdom map and counties of each individual country.

Meanwhile, our Europe map comes with a labelled map of Europe, and an unlabelled map, as well as all the capital cities in Europe. There are also a variety of font choices as well as being available as both Full Colour or Printer Friendly. If you’re doing KS2 Geography in your classroom, you definitely need to check these out!

We’ve also got these fantastic resources for a Rivers unit and a Water Cycle unit. These are our latest KS2 Geography units. We’re incredibly proud of the work the team have put in to get both of these ready for you.

Year 3 C.R.E.A.T.E. Science – Rocks (with real life Paleontologist Jack Horner)

Our latest C.R.E.A.T.E. Science update has now arrived! We’ve now added Year 3 Rocks to our incredible selection. There are PowerPoints, Activities, Print Outs and much more to download!

As with all of our science resources, we have links to real-life scientists. This time, it’s the turn of Paleontologist Jack Horner! Make sure you come and check them out today!

Transition Resources

As we now approach the end of the school year, it’ll soon be time to start thinking about the new school year and of course, transition. These Monster Name Labels are perfect for use with your new class! Children can either colour in their own, or you can print off our coloured in versions.

Place the child’s name or a picture of the child in the monster’s mouth for some fun peg labels in your classroom.

Thanks to miss.adams_ on Instagram for sharing this image! If you’re using one of our resources and you’d like us to see, then remember to use our hashtags – #tpet, #tpetuk and #welovetpet

Something Exciting Will Be Hopping On To The Site Soon

#OurLipsAreSealed #AllWillBeRevealedSoon

Did You Know You Can Make Resource Requests?

EXCLUSIVELY FOR ULTIMATE AND CLASSIC MEMBERS – Did you know that you can request resources to be created?! That’s right, if you’ve got a resource that you’d love to see brought to life by our talented team of designers, then look no further! We review ALL requests and we’ll let you know on feasibility, and if we go ahead with it, a rough time frame too. So if you’ve got something in mind, don’t delay and get in touch with us today!

(On the contact page, make sure to choose Resource Suggestion on the drop-down box so that it gets sent to the correct team)

There Are Still Copies of The Seedlings Comic Book Available to Purchase!

That’s right, there are still a limited number of copies left of The Growth Mindset Seedlings comic book!

On a calm, autumn afternoon, deep within Evergrow Forest, three young seedlings are about to embark on a lesson of self-discovery. Join them as they attend their lesson with Miss Beech and find out about her mysterious challenge. How will they accomplish their goal?

This comic works as an effective teaching tool and hook in before discussing growth mindset and techniques in how to change your mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

It’ll be fantastic for using in the Autumn term with a new class. For less than 8 pounds, you can get FIVE copies of the comic to share with your class. We’ve also got supporting resources to download, such as classroom displays, posters, activities and more. It’s a fantastic one to buy now and save for the Autumn term if you’re heading into YR 1 and 2! Once they’re gone, they really are gone!

And to Finish… Happy Father’s Day to All The Incredible Dads Out There!

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